EPZ - Demo Reel 2018

Here's the things I've worked on, ranging from personal to professional from video production, graphic design to screenwriting work. Enjoy! Music: "Splurgenshitter" by PogoMix

EPZs Story Surgery - Channel Trailer

Story Surgery - Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Story Surgery - Zootopia

Story Surgery - Sonic Forces

Story Surgery - Netflix's Death Note

Story Surgery - Night in the Woods

Story Surgery - Summer Wars

Story Surgery - Life is Strange

2G1M Graphic Reel

Kristina and Stephen

Chiropractic BioPhysics Video (ideal spine)

Lake Tapps Chiropractic Main Video

Impulse Video w: Narration

Atlas Video w: Narration

Erica Sage's "From the Land of Ghosts" (TRAILER)

Evan & Tawny

ARHS Raven Players - All the Worlds a Stage

ARHS Drama Players - The Comedy of Errors

Totality Solar Eclipse 2017

Fourth of July 2017

Snoqualmie Tubing 2017

Native Presentation Video 02 24 2017

Nacheo & Cooliet

Fourth of July 2015


EPZ's 23rd Birthday

A Trip to Franklin Falls

Finding Stupidity

How EPZ Spent His 22nd Birthday (teaser)

Farewell Karla

Whistler/Blackcomb - 2014

Fourth of July 2014

Whistler 2013

Epic Stupidity Season 3 Trailer

EPZ @ CWU - Summer Cleaning

Lake Tahoe Skiing Trip 2012

Whistler Trip 2011 Preview


GoPro HD Hero - Dub-Step Dog Jumper